Preparando las II Jornadas El Líder Imperfecto THINKING UP EL LÍDER IMPERFECTOBARCELONA, 18 DE MAYO 2019 Participantes: Amaia Valdemoros, Belén Arcones, Emma Barthe, Imma Haro, Inez del Prado, Javier Salvat, Joan Marc Queralt, Joaquín Calderón, Jordi Feixas, María Arango, Marian Alonso, Marisa Iturbide, Marta Fàbregas, Montse Tajahuerce, Noemí Marot, Olga García Vilardell, Pablo Salas, Pere Rosales, Ruth Nash y Sonia Carbellido

Thinking Up

Imagine yourself on the other side of an issue that inspires another person's revolutionary morality. Are you capable of entering into perspective of another when you represent what that person thinks must be changed? Have you encountered situations like this in your life? What contemporary moral issues can be examined in this way? Will it [...]